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We have two professional head lice treatment centers in Pennsylvania,  Lice Lifters of Montgomery County, Pa, Lice Lifters provides the safest and most effective head lice treatment near you.

With just one single visit for treatment featuring the best head lice removal and treatment, you will be lice free. Our technicians will put you at ease and leave you and your family with a follow-up treatment plan as well as advice on how to prevent a lice outbreak at your home.

Lice Lifters - Leaders in All-Natural Head Lice Treatment.

At our Lice Treatment Clinics in Montgomery County, Delaware County, Philadelphia and Chester County PA, we can treat your whole family, ALL AT ONCE!

Head Lice is a serious problem and you want to get rid of it as quickly as you can. At our Lice Treatment and Removal Centers in PA, we have certified technicians that use a non-toxic lice removal process that is 99.9% effective.

We have been a part of the community for over a decade. With our certified expert technicians, industry-leading solution, you will be lice free. When you place your trust in us, we take that seriously. That’s why we stand by our process with a 30-day guarantee. When you are here, you are not a client – you are family.


All Natural, Organic and Safe.

Our Lice Lifters® Treatment Solution is all natural and all of our lice treatment products are safe for the whole family.

Certified Lice Removal Technicians

Our lice treatment technicians are all trained and certified on the latest and best techniques for removing lice once and for all.

Better than Mobile Lice Treatment Services.

Lice Lifters® is better than a mobile head lice removal service. Find out why our treatment clinics are your best option.

At our lice treatment salons, we can treat your whole family, all at once.
Safe, non-toxic and effective. One quick treatment. DONE!

Lice Lifters Blog

How Do I Prevent Lice From Hatching?

How Do I Prevent Lice From Hatching? Lice can be an incredible nuisance to deal with thanks to their small size and ability to grab tightly onto individual strands of human hair. What’s more, lice have a very short life cycle, taking only about 12 days to fully mature from birth. Once they are adults,

Are Lice Treatments Safe?

Head lice live on the human scalp, commonly choosing children as their host. Although the lice cannot fly or hop or even jump, they get around quite easily, all to the dismay of troubled parents around the country. It’s likely that your child will get lice at some point during their school years. There is

How to Spot and Treat Head Lice in Kids

Millions of kids and adults in the United States suffer from head lice every year, and just as many tears are shed by adults and kids desperately trying to get rid of them. Sometimes over the counter treatments fail, and certain prescription insecticides can be insanely toxic, which leads a lot of lice suffers into

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