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Back To School Lice Tips

As a parent in the Montgomery County area, you know this is the time of year for getting your kids ready for their return to school. What may not be uppermost in your mind, however, is that August and September are also a time for many head lice infestations around the country. Your children, and so many others, have been playing with each other over the summer whether at camp or in the local playground. They’ve undoubtedly come into physical contact at some point, and that’s how these annoying, parasitic insects spread from one child to another. There are some things you can do to try to guard against lice infestations in your family and steps you can take if you think any of your children may have this problem.


The simplest way to detect lice is to do a lice head check. Basically, you wet your child’s hair, and then use a comb to part sections of their hair away from the scalp, so you can see any head lice on your child’s scalp. You’ll also want to check the roots of their hair follicles because this is where lice eggs, or nits, are fastened with a glue-like substance.

The first trick is to know what the heck you’re looking for. It helps to know that lice are about the size of a sesame seed, have six legs and can range from beige to dark brown in color. Their nits can be in various shades of brown. The best idea may be to simply Google “head lice” and plenty of pictures will come up showing you what they look like.

Of course, the best handling for any problem is to prevent it in the first place. If you find your kids don’t have lice, giving them a few pointers can help ensure they stay free of these annoying bugs that can give them a red, itchy, irritated scalp. The most helpful suggestion is telling them not to touch heads with other kids since this is the easiest way for them to jump from one person to another. You should also tell them not to share hats, helmets or any other headgear with other children.


With millions of lice infestations a year in the United States, you may end up being one of the families having to deal with this issue. While your first instinct may be to buy some lice shampoo from your local store, you should know that these have been used for so long that most lice have grown immune to them. When it comes to head lice removal, you have to be sure you get all of the lice and their nits otherwise you or your children will be scratching your heads again from a new infestation a week later. Seeking a professional head lice treatment is typically your best option.


If you live in Delaware County or Montgomery County, there is an effective head lice treatment option within easy reach of your family. At Lice Lifters, our team of certified lice technicians have been handling the problem of head lice for families just like yours for many years. We offer a head lice treatment that’s fast, safe, affordable and effective.

After you bring in any loved ones you suspect of having a lice infestation, the first thing we do is a lice head check to verify this is the problem. If lice are found, one of our experienced lice technicians does a meticulous comb-out using a comb that’s specially made for this task. Because the thorough eradication of all lice and nits is extremely important, we follow up this comb-out with the application of an all-natural, non-toxic killing solution to your hair and scalp that is extremely effective at killing any remaining lice.

With treatment centers in Montgomery County, we have a location that’s convenient to you. If you have any members of your family afflicted with the irritation and itching of a lice

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