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Can Lice Survive The Freezing Winter

Winters can be quite bad in Montgomery County and Delaware County. While fewer bugs in general at this time of the year is one of the few goods things about winter, you should know that not all bugs take a winter vacation. One of these pests that can still strike when it’s cold out is head lice.

These tiny, parasitic insects make a home under your hair near your scalp where they feed off the blood underneath. While winter weather can result in fewer after-school sporting events and less outdoor play where kids may come into contact with one another, lice can still be spread from an infested child to yours. There will still be gym classes indoors as well as other opportunities where head-to-head contact may occur or situations where an infested person may share a hat or helmet with your child.


While head lice are not considered dangerous, the itching and discomfort they can cause definitely makes them a problem to be handled. If you haven’t been faced with this particular problem yet, you may be at a loss as to how to handle it. Other parents may have advice on how to get rid of lice from your child, and this advice can vary from good to awful. Home remedies and over-the-counter products occupy the awful end of the spectrum whereas finding a good head lice treatment salon is rather good advice.

As a parent, you may not have been aware that there are businesses specifically devoted to getting rid of head lice. Just as there are professionals for handling other problems, such as mechanics to repair your car or roofers to fix your roof, there are head lice removal experts that can handle this problem for you and any infested family members quickly and effectively.


Head lice can survive the winter months simply by finding a warm head to live on. When you suspect a family member may have lice, you should bring them to our head lice removal clinic at Montgomery County. With two locations, we’re a short drive away whether you’re in Montgomery or Delaware County.

The first thing we do when you bring an infested family member to our head lice treatment salon is to confirm that they do in fact have lice. After confirming their presence with a simple head check, we get to work by starting with a meticulous comb-out to get rid of any lice or eggs, called nits, that we can see. Because any missed nits can hatch and restart the infestation, we follow this comb-out with a killing agent that’s applied to your loved one’s hair and scalp. It’s completely safe and all-natural and is 99.9 percent effective at killing lice and their nits.

Lice may be able to survive Pennsylvania winters, but they don’t survive Lice Lifters! Please give us a call if you believe a member of your family may have this annoying problem. The best part is that we can treat all infested family members at once, and they are free of lice after a single visit.

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