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How To Treat & Get Rid Of Head Lice In Your Home

At Lice Lifters of Lafayette Hills, our compassionate, certified lice technicians want to arm you with information that can help you combat head lice. Lice Lifters takes lice removal seriously at our head lice treatment centers because we know families just like yours need a quick, affordable and effective solution to this problem. Let’s start by sharing some things that people believe about lice that are not true.


  • Lice Only Afflict Poor People – Head lice can find a home on anyone’s head regardless of their race or socioeconomic class.
  • Lice Jump or Fly From Head to Head – Head lice do not have wings or strong hind legs to be able to fly or jump. They typically spread by crawling from one person to another when their hair or heads come into direct contact.
  • You Can Only Get Lice if You Have Poor Hygiene – This is false. In fact, lice can find it harder to crawl around on greasy hair, so they actually prefer a clean head of hair to call home.
  • You Can Get Lice From Your Dog or Cat – The head lice that afflict us humans have evolved to only be able to feed off the blood under our scalp. If they fall off your head onto your pets, they will die within about two days just as they would if they fall off onto the carpet, chair or any other part of the environment.


  • Teach Your Kids That Sharing Isn’t Always Caring – Tell them not to share their own or another kid’s hats, helmets, hairbrushes or anything else used or worn on the head.
  • Tie Long Hair Back or up – Since these parasitic insects have to crawl from an infested person to a new host, try not to make it easy for them by minimizing the chances that your kid’s hair will touch that of another child.
  • Put Lice Lifters Mint Detangler Spray on Your Kid’s Head – At Lice Lifters, we sell a mint spray that smells delightful to people but that repels lice. Use it before a sleepover, a big sporting event or other situation where they’re unlikely to be able to avoid contact with other kids.
  • Be Proactive in Checking Your Kid’s Hair – It’s wise to catch an infestation early. If you catch it when there are only a few nits and a couple of lice crawling around, you’ll save yourself time and money.


Because lice die within a couple of days of falling off their human host, you should focus more on treating the problem on your kid’s head than on spending days fumigating the house. As a precaution, while getting your family treated, you may want to launder the pillowcase and any hats and other clothes worn by any infested children because you don’t want them picking them right back up before the lice have had a chance to die. There’s still the matter, though, of how best to remove the lice from your loved ones.


While many parents try over-the-counter lice shampoos or home remedies, the surest way to eliminate a head lice infestation is to seek out head lice treatment centers where they give you a guarantee. For families in Montgomery County, PA, lice removal is as simple as making an appointment at Lice Lifters of Lafayette Hills.

Our head lice removal services utilize a 100 percent safe and all-natural treatment process. When you walk into any of our lice centers, you are treated like family, and we get any infested family members free of lice in a single visit. Best of all, we offer you our Lice Lifters Guarantee. So, if your family needs lice removal in Montgomery County, PA, don’t hesitate to give us a call, so we can set up an appointment to get rid of this problem for you.

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