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Is My House Infested With Lice (Like Bedbugs)?

We mainly think of bugs as those pesky critters that we run into when we’re outside. Sometimes, we get the kind that likes to either make their home indoors or literally on us. Bedbugs and head lice are a couple of this latter variety. At Lice Lifters of Montgomery County, we know a thing or two about head lice and can help you understand how to handle these pests.


Both of these critters are small, parasitic insects that live off our blood. One difference is that lice live on our head and feed off blood under the scalp whereas bedbugs will suck blood from our arms, legs or pretty much any place else. The biggest difference, however, is that while bedbugs can survive a few months between feedings, head lice can only live about 24 to 48 hours if they fall off your scalp. Lice, in this regard, are far more dependent on us for their continued survival than bedbugs. While you probably should have a plan of action to eliminate the latter from your home, the former will usually die soon enough off the scalp.


When it comes to addressing head lice, your time and money are better spent directly trying to kill or remove the bugs that are actually on your infested loved one’s hair and scalp. While it can make some sense to wash any hats, scarves, or other clothing of the infested person, this is pointless without simultaneously ridding the lice from their scalp. You can also boil any hairbrushes or combs that the child with lice may have been using while you are treating the lice on their head, so they won’t immediately pick them back up from these types of items.


Now that you know it can make some sense to wash certain items to keep your kid afflicted with lice or any other kids from picking them back up immediately after treatment, there’s still the matter of treatment. If you’re like many parents, you might run out to your local store and buy a lice shampoo that contains pesticides that are supposed to kill head lice. Unfortunately, many lice have acquired an immunity to the toxins in these products since they’ve been used for so many years.

There’s also the subject of home remedies for lice. These are also fraught with problems. They are not necessarily effective, and to increase the chances of them working, you may have to try the treatment so many times that the lice might almost seem preferable.


If you happen to live in the Montgomery County, Pennsylvania area, you are in luck with regard to having a head lice infestation treated in a quick, affordable and effective manner. At Lice Lifters of Montgomery County, our staff utilizes methods and products that are 100 percent natural and completely safe, so you don’t need to worry about your kids having any adverse reaction to them.

While lice are not dangerous, they are still very annoying especially for the poor kid suffering from them. Kids are typically the ones affected by lice since they are primarily spread by head-to-head contact, and kids are always bumping into each other.

If you’ve found what you believe are lice on your child, or had their presence reported to you by a school nurse, please act quickly before they spread to another child. Bring them to our family-friendly lice salon, and we’ll get them lice free after one visit. Best of all, unlike other treatments, you have our Lice Lifters guarantee, so please contact us today, so we can get your family free of this problem.

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