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The Truth About Head Lice At The Beach

You’ve been working hard year-round to support your lifestyle, and you need a break. With summer here, your kids have their annual respite from the rigors of the school year. This is the time that many families take that prized trip to the beach to enjoy some sand and surf, and forget about any worries for a while. For families residing in or around Montgomery and Delaware County in Pennsylvania, the beaches of New Jersey, and Ocean City, Maryland are alluring prospects for such a trip.

Before you pack the family in the SUV, though, there is one thing you may wish to think about. While you may be looking forward to trips to the beach, head lice love these little excursions as well. They see them as a wonderful opportunity to spread from child to child. You can limit the chances of your child getting head lice by being aware of a few facts.

  1. Lice don’t require actual head-to-head contact between children to spread. You need to make sure they do not share hats, towels or other items that they may put or use on their head.
  2. Head lice are impressive when it comes to holding their breath. They can do so for up to four hours, so don’t count on them just falling off or drowning while your son or daughter are taking that ocean swim.
  3. The next thing to be aware of is that lice love the temperature and humidity of a beach environment. It may feel good to you, but they love it as well.
  4. You should know that even direct sunshine does not kill them. It may burn your skin badly if you’re not wearing sun block, but lice are shielded enough under your hair that they don’t give it a second thought.
  5. Another thing to be aware of is that a lice infestation can take a while before it manifests itself with the stereotypical itching symptoms. By the time you see your child scratching their head incessantly, they probably picked up some of these little parasites a few weeks earlier.


If you see your child itching a lot or if they mention a tickling feeling of something moving on their head, they may have lice. Red bumps on their head, neck or shoulders can be another indication of them. Finally, performing lice head checks by parting their hair and shining a bright light down may yield some visual evidence of lice. Parents who have never seen a lice infestation before may not know what to look for, but basically, search for small white objects attached near the root of their hair. These are the lice eggs or nits. You may also spot the adult lice fleeing from the light during one of these lice head checks.


Head lice are a nuisance, but they are not as serious as some situations that can potentially befall your child. If they do pick some up at the beach or somewhere else, there are effective ways to handle them. Unfortunately, these ways do not include an over-the-counter head lice treatment. These use toxins that lice have largely become immune to over the decades they’ve been in use. You also may not wish to risk your child having an allergic or some other reaction to the ingredients used in these products.


Lice Lifters of Montgomery County provides two convenient locations for parents living in the Delaware and Montgomery County area of Pennsylvania. These head lice removal experts use a head lice removal treatment that is all-natural and safe for your child. Better yet, it is 99.9 percent effective, and your kid is all done after one treatment. Don’t let the annoying itching of lice disrupt your child’s summer vacation when a quick trip to this head lice clinic will handle these parasites quickly and affordably.

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