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Camp Support

Lice Lifters® Education Program for Summer Camps

At Lice Lifters, we are proud of our dedication to serving the community. For the past seven years, we have been providing local residents with quick, affordable, and successful lice removal treatments. Our treatment methods only use products that are the safest and most natural in order to protect the safety of children. Our procedures are also effective towards the removal of lice that have become immune and resistant to over-the-counter lice removal methods.

Outreach in the Community

Although our lice removal treatments help serve the community in their own way, we also work towards goals of education and prevention with our exclusive community outreach programs. For many years, we have provided services to school districts by sending our licensed and trained technicians to these locations in order to check the students and staff for infestations of head lice. While on the scene, we also work towards educating and informing others about the potential risk factors and even prevention measures that may help fight against head lice. It is through our continued efforts and success within the community that we have been able to extend these programs to nearby camps as well.

Summer Camps

Our new community outreach program is called “Caring for Camps.” This project is created to help parents and children feel more secure about handling frustrating lice, who end up infesting from 6 to 12 million people each year across the nation. Our licensed technicians are sent out to summer camps to educate the youth about these parasitic creatures while also doing preventative checks on heads to intercept the spread of lice. If you own and operate a camp, these proceedings help give children and their parents confidence about your proactive nature when it comes to the prevention of lice infestations. Because camp can already be a complicated experience with many new issues to tackle, Lice Lifters wants to ensure that head lice are not part of the problem so that children can have a fun and memorable summer experience.

If you are the owner of a summer camp, reach out to us so that we can send out one of our licensed professionals to educate your staff and children about the prevention of lice. Summertime is the season when many kids tend to transfer lice infestations, but Lice Lifters is here to help you run your camp as safely and efficiently as possible.

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