How to Spot and Treat Head Lice in Kids

Millions of kids and adults in the United States suffer from head lice every year, and just as many tears are shed by adults and kids desperately trying to get rid of them. Sometimes over the counter treatments fail, and certain prescription insecticides can be insanely toxic, which leads a lot of lice suffers into a fury of rage. Unfortunately, one of the biggest issues with lice is that it has started to become resistant to a lot of old fashion treatments, and natural remedies aren’t studied as well as commercial ones.

How do I know if my child has lice?

Is your kid complaining of an itchy head? Do they have trouble sleeping? Is your kid saying that they feel like something is crawling on them at night? Make sure you check their hair once a week to see if anything looks problematic.

If you see small white patches in their hair and they complain that they are itchy, then they most likely have lice. Here are a few ways to get rid of head lice.

1. Comb out their hair thoroughly.

You should start by separating a small section of your child’s hair and slowly comb out the hair starting at the roots. This can be very painful for your child, so be gentle while combing out their hair. Make sure that the comb stays close to the scalp, then go ahead and inspect the comb to see if you see any lice, nits, and casting. If no bugs are found repeat a week later. After you finish one section, pin it up and start the same process in the next section. This technique might not get rid of all of the lice, but it will at least get rid of 50% of them.

2.Wash and clean out everything they touch.

Once you find the lice and cleaned your kid’s hair, make sure that you wash all of their stuffed animals, pillowcases, clothes, and all the fabrics they own in extremely hot water. Once they are done in the washer, put the clothes in the dryer on high heat. Hot water kills the lice, so you need to make sure everything is washed and disinfected so the lice won’t spread and infect another person. We suggest that you do this at night because that’s when lice are the most active. For objects that can’t be washed such as phones, hairbrushes, and headphones, place them in a plastic bag for two weeks. This will kill the lice and prevent them from escaping.

3.Use a particular type of lice removal cream or spray.

Look for a spry or cream that is specially designed for lice removal. Lice Lifters, a professional lice removal company in Montgomery County, offers a variety of safe, natural, and affordable lice removal products. You can use their spray on dry and damp hair. In addition to that, their products look and smell amazing!