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Lice Treatment In Lafayette Hill, PA

Lice is something that every parent worries about. School, daycare’s, camp, birthday parties, sleepovers – all chances for your child to get lice and bring it home unexpectedly. The carrier probably doesn’t know they have lice so you find out all to late.

Even if you don’t have kids, you’re worried just the same.

kids-love-lice-lifters-01Don’t panic. Lice Lifters is here to help.

At our Lice Treatment Center in Montgomery County, located in Lafayette Hill, Pa, our trained and professional Lice Removal technicians are experienced in getting rid and killing lice for kids and adults alike. We can treat the entire family, all at once!

One treatment and DONE! It’s that simple.

Lice Treatment in Philadelphia and Montgomery County

Lice Lifters uses a safe, non-toxic process to remove head lice and our process is 99.9% effective – it kills lice, kills nits, kills lice eggs.

Lice Lifters Treatment Has Been Proven To Be:

  • 99.9% effective and guaranteed!
  • We use Lice Lifters® non-toxic, PESTICIDE FREE products.
  • Pediatrician endorsed and school nurse recommended to get rid of head lice for Montgomery, Delaware and Philadelphia County schools.
  • Certified and experienced technicians put children and parents at ease.
  • Relax in our family friendly treatment centers with movies, snacks, and cable TV

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We have two locations in Southeastern PA to better help you with your head lice treatment and removal needs.

Head Lice Treatment Hours of Operation:

Our Lice Treatment Centers are open 7 days a week to help you with your lice removal needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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