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Head Lice Treatment And Lice Removal


In-Depth Head Lice Checks

Head lice can drive you mad and make you scratch your head all day long. If you want confirmation of the presence of these obnoxious insects on your scalp, all you have to do is turn to Lice Lifters. We’re a highly regarded clinic that presents people in the Lafayette Hills, Pennsylvania area with lice checks that are thorough to the max. Our technicians conduct all lice checks using sturdy lice combs. If you’re constantly scratching your scalp, then we can confirm your suspicions. We can let you know if you don’t have a lice situation, too.


Treatment From Lice Lifters

Our dependable approach to lice treatment is the stuff of legend. How do our certified team members treat our patients? They do so using our special mousse. They put this mousse on both the scalp and the rest of the head. This formula surprises the creatures and makes their nits go away as well. Nits refer to lice eggs. This part is vital due to the fact that nits basically connect to hair follicles extremely closely. Female lice give off gooey fluids that keep nits in the same spots for extended stretches of time. We have a solution that also eradicates lice that are on the scalp.

Why Our Lice Treatment Is Exceptional

Our lice treatment is exceptional for a plenitude of reasons. We go above and beyond to prioritize the safety of our patients. That’s why our formulas are all so gentle. They’re also completely natural. People who have any concerns that relate to aggressive formulas never have to think twice about our choices. We’re a lice removal salon that puts economical price tags first. If you want to say farewell to head lice without having to break the bank in any way, our clinic is for you.

Contact Lice Lifters for Treatment Now

Patients have so many terrific incentives to head to Lice Lifters for any and all lice extraction requirements. Some of these incentives are:

  • The promise of safety
  • Technicians who are equipped with certification
  • Support from seasoned pediatricians
  • Hassle-free single removal sessions
  • Natural head lice destruction formulas
  • Formulas that do not include any harsh pesticides
  • Eradication of 99.9% of head lice activity that’s current
  • Various payment routes