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Head Lice Removal Salon Near Manayunk, PA

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Head Lice Removal Salon Near Manayunk, PA

Call Today For Up-To-Date Pricing & Appointments or Fill Out The Form Below

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At Lice Lifters of Montgomery County, our trained and certified staff are dedicated to providing a family-friendly environment while employing safe and effective techniques and products to rid your family of this problem once and for all. We can’t do any of this for you, however, until you fill out the contact form on this page, so we can set up an appointment for you.

Manayunk Trusts The Lice Lifters Process

When you seek a solution to any problem affecting a member of your family, you want to know it is safe as well as effective. At Lice Lifters of Montgomery County, you can rest assured that we only use safe, non-toxic and natural products in our lice removal process. After doing a head check to confirm the existence of lice, our process involves the use of a special comb to remove as many of the lice and their eggs, or nits, as possible, and this is then followed up with the application of a killing agent that’s guaranteed to be effective.
Come To Lice Lifters

Our lice removal salon is a short drive away from you if you’re in or near Manayunk, and getting here is the first step in becoming lice free.

Thorough Comb-Out

Once you’ve arrived at our lice removal clinic, one of our trained and certified technicians will meticulously remove the lice and nits using a special comb.

Apply Lice Lifters Solution
We’ll then apply our own safe and natural killing agent that’s 99.9 percent effective at killing lice and their nits in case any were missed in the comb-out.

Take A Tour Of Lice Lifters Of Montgomery County, PA

When you bring any family members infested with head lice to Lice Lifters of Montgomery County, the first thing you should know is that we’ll handle the problem for you. Effectiveness is the key for a solution to any problem, and we have a head lice treatment that works, which is why it’s guaranteed.

In addition to the confidence of knowing your head lice problem will be handled, you can know that you’ll be coming to a kid-friendly establishment when you enter our lice removal salon. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will put you at ease as they treat any infested family members at once in order to speed you on your way to the rest of your day

Client Testimonials
Latoya helped us get through a stressful experience. She was kind and patient and took time to answer all our many questions. We left healthier and happier and grateful for her expertise. Thank you!!! - Sara Maida
Our experience at Lice Lifters was superb. Jessica took care of us from start to finish. She also took the time to educate us on the whole process. I highly recommend! - Nicole Amoroso
Luckily my son did NOT have Lice. However they were great when I called and told them I was not sure what lice looked like as I had never experienced previously. Told me to come right over and did a quick head check. Very friendly welcoming professionals - Colby Wexler
My family and I could not have been happier with the service received here at Lice Lifters. From the moment we scheduled the appointment with Lexi to being welcomed in by Jessica and LaToya. They made us feel very comfortable and were so gentle with my 5 year old daughter. I highly recommend this salon! - Maria Torres
Great customer service. I called and they got us in right away. I had been combing my daughter's hair for hours and still couldn't get it all. The ladies that helped us were kind and patient. Very thankful and hoping we aren't back anytime soon. - Danielle Logan
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Why Families Choose Lice Lifters?

All Natural,
Organic and Safe

Our Lice Lifters® Treatment Solution is all natural and all of our lice treatment products are safe for the whole family.

Certified Lice
Removal Technicians

Our lice treatment technicians are all trained and certified on the best techniques for removing lice once and for all.

Better than Mobile Treatment Services
Lice Lifters® is better than a mobile head lice removal service. Find out why our treatment clinics are your best option.

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