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Located in Montgomery County, Montgomery County offers you a beautiful community in Pennsylvania for raising your family. Its proximity to Philadelphia is another plus since this enables you to enjoy living in a small town while having all of the big city attractions and amenities so close. While this presents a nice environment for your kids, occasional problems still crop up that have to be dealt with. In addition to the usual issues such as the possibility of scraped knees while playing or problems at school with grades or other kids, there may be an unusual problem that could come up. Head lice would probably fall into this category.


The Problem of Head Lice

As you may already know, lice are tiny, parasitic insects that feed off the blood under your scalp. They don’t have wings, so they can only spread from one person to another either by direct head-to-head contact or by an infested person sharing their hat, helmet or some other headgear with your child. While they aren’t known for being carriers of disease, lice can be an embarrassing problem to some parents and an annoyance to the person infested with them. If your child catches them, they can get a red, irritated scalp that itches a lot, and the act of scratching it repeatedly can cause open sores that do become an issue.

The problem is rampant among kids because they are constantly coming into physical contact while playing in general or while playing sports in particular. As a parent, you need to know how to deal with this issue if it comes up. Some friends or neighbors may offer you advice as to the best lice removal strategy, but beware of recommendations to buy over-the-counter products or to try home remedies. None of these have proven effective, so you’ll just end up wasting time and money while the problem persists.


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For fast, affordable and effective head lice removal, Lice Lifters is the best!  At Lice Lifters of Montgomery County, our lice removal clinic offers just such a solution to this problem. Our friendly staff have the tools and the training to provide you with the best lice removal services in the State of Pennsylvania. Our location also offers convenient head lice removal to you and your entire family if you live in Plymouth Meeting, Conshohocken, Fort Washington, Norristown or Philadelphia.

Our affordable head lice treatment salon in Montgomery County uses a completely safe, all-natural and non-toxic lice killing agent that is 99.9 percent effective. It kills the live lice as well, removing the eggs, which are known as nits.  The staff at our kid-friendly lice removal clinic can treat all of your infested family members at once, so you can be in and out quickly. The best part is that our head lice removal process gets the job done in only a single trip, so your family is back to enjoying your life quickly and easily.