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Triple Threat Treatment

Lice Lifters Triple Threat Treatment Process

Detection and confirmation of lice and/or nits along with educating the parent or guardian responsible for the client is first and foremost. No treatments will be done until there is confirmation of lice and/or nits and there is a discussion of treatment options for individuals in Bucks County, Eastern Montgomery County, Bensalem, Southampton, New Hope and surrounding areas including New Jersey.

  • Step 1 – A comb-out with The Nit Nanny Nit® Removal Mousse and The Nit Nanny Nit Removal Comb. This comb-out is a very important part of the lice treatment process. The nits do not come out by themselves. Even though the nits are desiccated they need to be removed. If a large amount of nits are present, additional comb-out time may be necessary.
  • Step 2 – The Nit Nanny Lice Solution® Treatment follow up schedule is done at home. Each family receives a tailor made schedule that includes every member of the household. This plan is simple to follow so you can leave Lice Lifters knowing exactly what to do after visiting us for lice treatment in our Southampton, PA facility.
  • Bonus – Education and communication. Every parent and caregiver is educated during treatment about house cleaning, how to do a head-check and the importance of communication with regards to their lice situation. Most people expect to do more house cleaning than we suggest. Our “Great Clean Up” tip sheet will direct you through practical clean-up procedures to both assure the threat of re-infestation from the environment is eliminated and also get your family back to a normal life ASAP!

You will leave Lice Lifters knowing how to do a thorough combing head check (we recommend weekly head checks until college!) with a clear understanding of what a nit and a louse look like. You will also appreciate the importance of communication in breaking the cycle of lice outbreaks in your community. If you inform your school, family and friends, it will afford them the opportunity to be checked and, if necessary, get lice treatment for Bucks, Philadelphia, Montgomery County and New Jersey residents.

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