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Why didn’t I get lice, but my child was infested?

Why Didn’t I Get Lice, but My Child Was Infested?

It is commonly known that children account for the vast majority of lice infestations each year. At Lice Lifters of Montgomery County, we know that many parents who bring their children to us for fast, effective treatment of these parasitic pests wonder why their children seem particularly susceptible but they never seem to get them. There are at least a couple of reasons for this.

How Head Lice Spread

One reason kids get head lice more frequently than adults is that children are more often making physical contact with each other. They’ll be playing together often whether during after-school sports or just playing on their own.

Since they can’t fly or jump, head lice spread from one kid to another by crawling. This is why head-to-head contact is the main way they find a new home on another child’s hair and scalp. Less often, they can be spread by getting on a hat, helmet, scarf or other item worn by an infected person, and then someone else will try on this item of clothing or headgear. This is less frequent because they can’t live long away from the warm, moist environment near the human scalp that head lice call home.

Acidity Is Also a Factor

It is a little known fact that we all have what’s known as an acid mantle. Per Wikipedia, this is “a slightly acidic film on the surface of the skin acting as a barrier to bacteria, viruses and other potential contaminants that might penetrate the skin.”

It turns out that beyond viruses and bacteria, head lice are not thrilled about relatively high levels of acidity either. Acidity is measured by what’s called pH level. Adults tend to have more well-developed acid mantles than children and, therefore, a more acidic scalp. This is one factor for why most cases of lice infestations are on kids aged 3 to about 11 or 12 years old. It’s by this age that children’s acid mantle becomes more fully developed.

Head Lice Prevention

As a parent, you can caution your child against too much physical contact with other children and also not to share items of clothing especially if they’re worn on or near the head. That being said, too much of this type of advice can also be detrimental. You need your children to be free to be children and not feel like they’re living in a plastic bubble. This is where it’s helpful to know that even if they get lice, there is a remedy available.

Head lice Treatment

At Lice Lifters of Montgomery County, we have seen the frustration in the faces of parents who have tried over-the-counter lice shampoos, home remedies and who knows what else, and it was all to no avail. Even if you never caught the lice due to higher scalp pH or other factors, they kept coming back again and again on the scalp of one or more of your children.

Our team of certified, compassionate lice technicians has the training, tools, and products to kill lice and their eggs, or nits, quickly, effectively and in a way that doesn’t hurt your wallet. We’ll verify if your loved ones do have lice, then we’ll remove as many of them as possible with a thorough comb-out. This is followed by the application of a 100 percent all-natural killing solution that finishes off any stragglers. Don’t distress if your kid’s scalp pH isn’t sufficient to protect them against lice. Just bring them to us where we’ll treat all of your infested family members at once and get them lice free in a single visit and we guarantee it!