FAQs About Lice Removal Services | Lice Lifters Montgomery County

Do not come into contact with other people’s hair. Keep your hair pulled back to reduce the chance of your hair touching other people’s hair. Do not share combs, brushes, or hair accessories. Use the Lice Lifters Mint Spray to deter lice. They dislike the mint scent so this spray works like a charm.

Around half of every person who is bitten by a louse has an allergic reaction to the bite. That allergic reaction causes the itchiness on the scalp. Trouble sleeping at night is also common sense lice are more active at night. Some people even state they can feel the lice crawling on their head.

A female louse can lay up to 200 eggs (nits) in their lifetime. They lay an average of 10 eggs per day. Each one of those nits hatches and becomes an adult louse without proper Lice lifters treatment. 

It takes 7 – 10 days for a nymph to mature into an adult.

Nits are lice eggs. They need a warm, moist environment near the scalp to hatch. Without this warm moisture, the nits will die. It takes 7 – 10 days for a nit to hatch.

Most lice infestations are caused by head-to-head contact with an infected individual. Lice can also be picked up by wearing an infected person’s hat, sharing combs or brushes, or by using their towel.

OTC lice treatment products are merely a waste of money. They contain harmful toxins that are especially dangerous for children. While products like RID and Nix have been on the market for many years, each poses a series of risks and concerns for children and for users. Lice Lifters all-natural, pesticide-free treatment products work better than anything sitting on the drugstore shelf.

Our Lice Lifters lice comb is specialized with microgroove technology. This technology creates teeth that are close together so they remove more lice and nits than traditional combs.

Scientists believe that body lice evolved as soon as humans began wearing clothes. They’ve been around for tens of thousands of years and seem to constantly be a problem, particularly for children.

Head Lice cannot jump or fly. They crawl from one host to the next.

Nits attach themselves to the hair follicle at the base of the scalp. They use a sticky, glue-like substance. Nits are oval-shaped and may be brown, black, or tan in color.

Lice are not dangerous, although they certainly cause a nuisance for anyone that experiences an infestation. 

Lice cannot live without a human host. While you may want to place these items in the dryer for 30-minutes on high heat or seal it in a garbage bag for two or three days, throwing the items away isn’t necessary. The two suggestions kill lice and their nits.

Lice cannot survive for more than 48-hours off of a human scalp. Although lice-killing treatments for furniture are available, it’s risky to use them. Considering how quickly lice die, it’s best to avoid using this treatment.

Lice stay near the scalp of the head. They have six legs specialized to move across hair follicles. They do not venture off the human scalp and cannot survive elsewhere on the body.

Pets cannot get human lice nor can you catch lice from your pets.

We recommend using Lice Lifter solution three additional times at home after our initial treatment. The follow-up treatments ensure that any missed nits are removed or tat any that have hatched after treatment are removed. Simply put, using treatment three times prevents further re-infestation.

Lice only survive for up to 48-hours off of the human scalp, so it is possible that no further treatment is needed. Simply clean the home, heat or store pillows and stuffed animals, and use our Lice Lifters lice treatment to rid lice from your life.