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OTC Products And Home Remedies Don’t Work

When you find out that any of your children have head lice, you just want to cost-effectively handle the problem as quickly as possible with minimal disruption to you or your child’s life. With this in mind, manufacturers of over-the-counter (OTC) lice shampoos advertise them as the ideal head lice treatment. Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth.


You may think all your problems will be solved by running to your local drug store and buying a lice shampoo containing pesticides such as pyrethrin or pyrethroid. These types of products, however, have a couple of problems. First, they only kill live lice and not the unhatched nits, or eggs, of the lice. Second, they frequently aren’t even successful at doing this. Because of their overuse for so many years, most lice have become immune to these pesticides. Such lice have been dubbed “super lice” and are extremely resistant to chemical treatments.

Another potential problem with such lice treatment products is the fact that they are toxins. In a day and age where children may have sensitivities and allergies to even natural substances, the idea of multiple treatments with a pesticide on your child’s head to try to handle a head lice infestation might have you worried.


Doing a simple search will reveal plenty of home remedies for supposedly getting rid of head lice. They seem to fall into the three general categories of using heat, suffocation or actual removal of the eggs with a nit comb, and you’ll frequently see combinations of these strategies advocated. Washing items that come in contact with the infested child can be a part of the process as well.

Methods such as using olive oil or mayonnaise on your child’s hair and scalp overnight to suffocate the lice may have some efficacy against the live lice but won’t kill the nits. Similarly, a nit comb may remove the nits from the base of the hair follicles, but it doesn’t address the live lice. This is why combination treatments are sometimes advised. While such combinations can be effective, they’ll also be time-consuming and can be more bothersome than the lice themselves. While lice are not technically a disease, the old saying that you don’t want “a cure that’s worse than the disease” may indirectly apply here.


You may not be aware that there are businesses that offer the full-time service of head lice treatment. At Lice Lifters of Montgomery County, this is all we do, so you know we have to be relatively competent at it or we would have gone out of business years ago.

Located in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, we’re convenient to you if your family is in Montgomery County, Bucks County or the Philadelphia area in general. When you bring in any kids you think might have lice, we’ll give them a simple head check first to verify if that is the issue they’re having. If we spot lice, our compassionate, caring and certified lice technicians get to work with a combination of effective, all-natural and non-toxic products to get your family free of lice quickly and completely, and we even guarantee it!

While lice may not be dangerous, you still don’t want your kids having to put up with the itching and irritability that can accompany a lice infestation. Please call and set up an appointment at your earliest convenience to rid them of this nuisance, so they can get back to having fun in the spring time.

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