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Rise In Head Lice In School-children Blamed On Smartphones

Children adapt to new technology incredibly quickly. Smartphones seem to be as standard an accessory for schoolchildren today as pencils and paper were just a generation ago. They can make kids withdraw inward as they pay more attention to their phones than the world around them. They can also help cement friendships as your child squeezes his or her head next to a friends in order to take a selfie together. While this can certainly look cute, it is also a surefire way to spread head lice.


Girls seem to suffer from lice at a higher rate than boys. This would seem to make sense since they frequently get physically closer to friends for selfies, hugs, etc. than most boys do. It’s also possible that your child may be sharing their device with someone else or their friend sharing theirs with them. If they use the phone of someone with an infected head, as soon as they put it up to their head to place a call, any lice on that phone have just found a new home.

In addition to the factor of gender, head lice seem to be most common in those very young at about four or five years of age ranging up to those who are eleven to twelve years old. This is the age at which kids are making plenty of close contact with other kids in sports and random playing on the playground. Smartphones are merely one more factor exacerbating the spread of lice


The first thing to do if you have found your child has lice is to stay calm. It’s head lice not a terminal disease or some other horrible thing. That said, you do want to handle the problem as they are a nuisance and will be a bother to your kid until they’re gotten rid of. There are a number of things some parents try for head lice removal.

You may try buying over-the-counter products, but unfortunately, these have vastly decreased in effectiveness over the years as the lice have become immune to the toxins they contain. Upon finding out that smartphones may be contributing to their spread, you may be contemplating taking their phone away. This would probably be a mistake because it’s a pretty valuable thing to be able to stay in touch with your child whenever you need to.


Head lice treatment should be taken seriously, and there’s no more serious answer than taking your son or daughter to a head lice clinic. If you are fortunate enough to live in or near Montgomery County, you have a professional solution to the scourge of lice close at hand.

Lice Lifters is a lice clinic whose professional staff knows everything there is to know about head lice removal. They use a safe, all-natural head lice treatment that does the job in just one visit. With two locations, chances are there is one that will be convenient to you. After a quick treatment to handle the problem, your kid will be able to get back to using their smartphone and taking selfies as long as they use some basic caution.

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