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As a parent, Lice Lifters of Chadds Ford, located in Delaware County, provides a perfect setting for raising a family while also being convenient to Wilmington and Philadelphia. With the kids in school at this time of the year, your thoughts may be focused on their grades and other issues having to do with school. One other potential issue you may wish to give some thought to is head lice. For many parents, this never comes up as an issue, but with an estimated 12 million lice outbreaks a year in the United States, it may become a problem you have to deal with.


Why Head Lice Needs to Be Handled Quickly and Professionally

Head lice are not generally considered dangerous since they do not transmit disease. That said, they are an annoyance to anyone who is infested with them. Lice are very small, parasitic insects that like the warmth and moisture under the hair on your head while they feed off the blood under your scalp.

They are of particular concern to parents since they are spread by direct head-to-head contact or by people sharing headgear such as hats or helmets. Your kids are constantly coming into contact with each other and other kids while playing during recess at school or during after-school sports or just while playing together on the weekend. You may also want to know that your local school probably has a policy regarding head lice that determines whether children who have live lice or their eggs, which are known as nits, may be allowed to go to school.


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Benefits of Lice Lifters
Head Lice Treatment Centers:

  • Safe, effective and guaranteed
  • Lice Lifters use the Lice Lifters all-natural killing agent
  • Lice Lifters Solution kills 99.9% of live activity
  • Mobile services don’t use a killing agent.  If two eggs are missed – you can have lice again.
  • One visit treatment featuring Lice Lifters all-natural products
  • We use non-toxic, PESTICIDE FREE products
  • Pediatrician endorsed and school nurse recommended
  • Certified technicians put children and parents at ease
  • Flex and health spending account payments taken

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Finding the Best Lice Removal Solution for the Philadelphia Area

The problem for you, as a parent, is figuring out what to do once you discover one or more of your children has lice. You may have noticed lice when parting your kid’s hair, or a school nurse may have brought them to your attention. Some may advocate over-the-counter products, but the toxins used in these might produce an unpredictable reaction in your child. Many lice have also grown immune to these toxins. You may find the best option for head lice treatment in Chadds Ford is to seek out a lice treatment salon, Lice Lifters.


The Best Delaware County Head Lice Removal Available

If you are looking for fast, effective and affordable head lice treatment in Chadds Ford, then you may want to check out our services at Lice Lifters of Chadds Ford. We’re also convenient if you live in Concordville, Birmingham, Longwood, Kennett Square and Philadelphia. The friendly, professional staff at our lice treatment salon offers a completely safe, all-natural Delaware County head lice removal process. We truly have the best lice removal process available because our Lice Lifters treatment kills both live lice and their nits, and it’s 99.9 percent effective.

We can treat all your family members at once at our kid-friendly lice treatment salon, so you save time during your busy day. Best of all, our 100 percent safe and pesticide-free treatment process gets all of your infested family members lice free in a single trip, so you’re back to living your lives quickly without the annoying embarrassment, itching and irritation of head lice.

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